Our vision

Our story, our motto, our love for food

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Our restaurant is based on the finest ingredients, excellence in food preparation, the highest levels of quality and care about people and the planet.

We are proud that we use home-grown vegetables from our own farm as well as fruits, herbs, honey and dairy products. The produce is grown in the beautifully clean environment of a nature reserve Czech Karst with a total absence of chemicals. We deliver products as needed and always fresh. Subsequently we cook all our foods will skill and affection, which is guarantee preserving the natural taste of our dishes.

Products that we don't have from our own production we take from the suppliers who have the same attitude to food and customers as we do and who we know personally. Priority is quality, freshness and locality of the product. We are trying to eliminate the environmental footprint of our food and restaurant. That's why our kitchen is free of palm oil, glutamates, chemical additives and emulsifiers.

Here you can enjoy the taste of true nature in the very heart of the city!