of house at the White Unicorn and Týn Church

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House at the White Unicorn (in Czech. Dům u Bílého jednorožce) - also called Trčkovský or Šmolkův (by the owners) is an early medieval building. It was rebuilt in Gothic style and subsequently in Renaissance. The present appearance of the facade is from the 18th century. It is assumed that the present extensive Gothic cellars were the ground floor in the 13th century and the entire square was many meters lower. The proximity of the river and frequent floods have increased the city over time, so many of the current cellars in this area have several floors. Impropriety with flood water was balanced by the very easy building of wells. One of the oldest is situated in the cellar of this house in the places of the current Moser shop.

The house is part of the Old Town Square (the official name since 1895, formerly the Great Square or the Old Marketplace), which covers an area of more than 9000 m². The square was a witness of the history of the Czech state, the coronation of the kings, or the execution of 27 Czech nobilities which took place on 21 June 1621. A big blow to the appearance of the square was the bombing on May 5, 1945. The Old Town Hall burnt down and one of the wings was never repaired.

The ownership of the house changed very often. In the 14th century, the house was acquired by a certain apothecary Kuneš, and hence the name "at the unicorn". The unicorn was the mark of apothecaries.

The house was confiscated from the last owners in the 1950s with the Communist regime, and in 1992, after the Velvet Revolution, it was returned to their descendants.

Since 1994 there is a family restaurant U Tyna, which follows the tradition of a very popular café.

Tyn Church - Church of Mother of God before Tyn

The construction of the church took place from the middle of the 14th century to the first decades of the 16th century. It belongs to the most important artistic churches in Prague, both in terms of architectural and preserved interior furnishings. It is one of Prague's most famous landmarks. The front part of the church with the portal towards the square is surrounded by two forward buildings, one of them is the Tyn school and the other one is our house at the White Unicorn.